Climbing to the top requires the sheer power of will to push against inertia. Those that do succeed can marvel in a breathtaking view of how far they’ve gone.

The Breathtaking View

Nothing represents life better than the journey one makes climbing a mountain. We aim high and set for ourselves a lofty goal. The path is fraught with dangers and there’s the looming threat of becoming  too brash and slipping to the abyss. Up there, the air is thin and the view is breathtaking. We find a plateau and settle down for a bit, looking back at all the places we visited. From a higher vantage point, everything seems so clear.

Akita Inu
"Myths and legends ascribe to mountain summits divine attributes. It’s where we can find gods and achieve eternal glory." - The Akita Inu

Way to the top

Myths and legends ascribe to mountain summits divine attributes. It’s where we can find gods and achieve eternal glory. That sounds pretentious until one actually tries climbing a mountain. There are sacrifices to be made to reach the summit, including shedding tears, blood and sweat. Only those who are humble and dedicated enough to persevere may climb to the top, getting a little bit closer to heaven.

Willpower is the greatest asset in climbing any mountain. From deciding to move away from one’s place of comfort to persevering in the face of increasing difficulties, only those who will can succeed in reaching the summit. Manifesting will also means It is said that those who have faith can move mountains but we could say that those who have willpower can climb them.

Relishing the summit

Bit by bit, step by step, hours tick by as the climb continues. The steady discomfort and occasional sharp pain have shredded all doubts and insecurities in the climber’s mind. There’s no more anticipation; all that remains in the mind and soul is sheer willpower that may do as it pleases. Reaching the summit validates the endeavor and affirms the power of will, manifesting the eternal law of nature, “I will, therefore it is.”

That’s it, the challenge has been overcome. In good company, the thrill is magnified and the joy is shared. Memories are made for life and there’s no need for words. Still, there’s no room for celebration at the top because dangers still lie ahead. How can this possibly be? Arriving at the summit is only half of the story because getting back down is the other, more perilous half.

Long journey back home

Almost all accidents in mountaineering happen during descent. As counterintuitive as it sounds, there’s a good reason for it — the gravity of the situation. Reaching the summit gives a powerful ego boost and a sense of invincibility, which makes the downfall all the more painful. The higher you are, the more you have to calculate each step and take extreme caution.

In short, it’s as hard to achieve success as it is to maintain it, let alone return back to the starting position. Climbing the summit changes one, always for the better. The toil and the suffering start in the person a fire of true passion that doesn’t extinguish as the winds change. That fire can serve as a spark and ignite the entire world, if only it is put to good use.

Akita Inu
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